Commercial property in Yamuna expressway: The new location for a wise investment


With Noida being growing as a hub for many sectors, the area seems to have been full with different projects commercial and residential occupying almost the entire area. It has become saturated with the increased urbanization and industrialization. So, according to the new learnt builders the locations around Noida sets an apt location for some new latest commercial projects. Yamuna Expressway is seen as a prospect location for various assignments. This is the area that attracts the attention of the real estate people.

The expressway was made under the governance of Mayawati and was completed two months prior than the decided time. The project cost the government Rs. 13,300 crores which is 165 kms long and is a 6 lane way that can be stretched to 8 lanes. This is a way that connects Delhi and Agra and is a super speedy lane to be traveled on.

The investors are looking for the sites nearby to this as this supports:

  • Good and hassle free transportation that connects many known cities in his vicinity including Delhi.
  • Excellent accessibility of water and electricity supply on both sides of the Expressway.
  • Close cities would give the area an extra edge and whoever buys property here for a commercial purpose, he would surely get a good future profit from the investment.
  • Easy availability of different work force required for different type of commercial projects.
  • Commercial properties are available at reasonable prices under renowned builders.

Commercial property for sale in Yamuna expressway

Undoubtedly, the land available around the Yamuna Expressway offers projects that are not only low priced but contains almost all the basic amenities that an investor looks for. Area like Greater Noida that is famous to be receiving appreciation for an increased industrialization falls in the close vicinity of the expressway and this is another reason for the real estate developers to be choosing the sites for their forthcoming land projects. Commercial properties are available for sale as well as for rent and are available as warehouses, shops, official sites, shopping complexes, garages etc. Subsequent are certain commercial property for sale in Yamuna Expressway:

  • Commercial land in Supertech Grand Circuit
  • Commercial shops at Earth tech One
  • Industrial land at Jaypee Tanishq Square
  • Apartments at Propzone Taj Greens Residency

Builders have been eyeing the location to set some more residential projects as the area is just awesome with apt greenery, water and power supply and availability of basic amenities like banks, schools, hospitals etc. So, if you are looking for a developing area with a good future then no other site in the present date would return you more than an investment at Yamuna Expressway.