The Best Option For Buying Lucrative Commercial Properties In Noida


There are various cities that can be considered for grasping attractive and beneficial commercial properties but among those, Noida is getting popular as a hot destination spot for buying commercial properties. Rather than residential properties, commercial properties have much to offer its buyers along with profitable investment options. As all we know that Noida is turning into corporate hub which has ultimately, raises the value of commercial property. In fact, Builders are coming up with different investment projects, practical and unique ideas to meet the growing requirements of the investors. Various reasons are available that are making Noida the most suitable option for purchasing certified and budgeted commercial and residential properties: -

  • Some of the projects were initially launched in 2003 in sector 50 and 61 and that time, rates were too high which is approximately 25 to 30 Lac.
  • From 2006, the price starts rising due to the development of IT companies and prices of residential properties are very high when they come up with lots of amenities.
  • It was Jaypee who have started selling flats at budgeted rates. And, when government didn’t reduce the pay per sq meter rates, they increased the FAR due to which price of land lowers down by 40%.

Besides, when we talk about commercial space then neglecting its categories would be very wrong. People looking forward to commercial properties can invest over different areas such as shopping malls, shops in market place, official buildings, and restaurant space. These different categories offer investors with different kinds of investment opportunities. And, Noida is the perfect location through which you can meet such needs without burning holes in your pocket and further on, you will be able to build up huge profits out of it.

Figure out the major projects launched in Noida!

Recently, several real estate projects were carried out by the builders over the different areas of the Noida. As per the recent research, it has been found that there are more than 36400 properties available out there and additionally, it has been heard that there is approximately 704 projects that are under process.

  • The leading project was formulated in Okhla industrial regions just to meet the raising needs of Okhla industrial areas.
  • The major commercial projects executed at Noida location are:
    • Okhla industrial zones are Galaxy Shoppe at Noida extension
    • Aazara Squareat Noida extension
    • Noida One at Sector 62
    • Supertech E square at Sector 96 Noida
    • Mahagun Mirabella at Sector 79
    • Ajnara Ambrosia
    • Supertech Romano
    • Mahaguna Moderne
    • Jaypee Greens kosmos

All these newly launched commercial areas will definitely maximize return on investment, and sometimes, will fill the pocket of the investors with double credit. It is pretty much sure that every buyers look into the details of the properties before buying it, however, you don’t have to do same with the newly implemented projects of Noida as these new commercial projects have been briefly described with all major aspects and that too, from the perspective of buyers only.

All above essential facts shows that investors can easily invest on above properly featured and commercial property in the Noida without thinking much. However, it is always good to dig head inside these risky platforms when you have adequate knowledge about current market scenario otherwise, rest of the path will become trickier for you.