Advantages Of Investing For Commercial Property In Greater Noida


Are you looking forward to buy properties in Greater Noida? When it comes to purchase properties over greater Noida region, it is required to undergo through proper planning. It is must for users to evaluate entire location, check finance outflow and inflow, check the developments happening over it and then, make any decision in this aspect. Well, there are various regions that can be counted as the best region for buying such properties but why Greater Noida only?

During 1990’s, it was a part of Noida and further on, it’s left Gurgaon behind it in terms of growth of residential units and project launches. It just takes 30 min from greater Noida to New Delhi via Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Entire development being implemented over Greater Noida is managed by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority. The annual Indian Grand Prix made at the Buddha international circuit has helped the city to come over the global map. Now, the authority is planning to improve the regions located in the west. In fact, it is being planned to connect certain regions of this city via Metro, road and rail. If you go through its past status, you will find that there were lands all over Greater Noida, there is no single sign of development or improvement all over it.

Now, it’s a common place representing union of both commercial and residential spaces. You would barely find people who think of buying residential properties, otherwise, there are numerous numbers of person who just thinks of owning commercial properties over such locations.

Why commercial Not residential properties?

There are several reasons to invest in commercial property than in residential.

  • Renting or leasing return is always higher, if one would calculate the amount one would find the return on Commercial is around 8 to 10% per year while the residential would pay one around 2 to 3%.
  • Commercial property gives an assurance of cash incoming as need of commercial is higher than the residential in this growing economy, however this happens only if you have a place which is in the heart.
  • Lease guarantee and assured return are the perks that are often offered by reputed builders, however in terms of residential this is quite a difficult thing to find.

Why Greater Noida only?

  • Connectivity through Roads, an eight lane road connects Greater Noida to Noida and Delhi, moreover to connect to Ghaziabad and Noida Extension, authority is indulged in advancing the Noida Greater Noida Highway. These planed roads provide a great value to the business hubs, which makes Greater Noida Commercial property an in demand property.
  • Metro Connectivity also plays a vital role in making the place a commercial hub. Authority is working way to fast to connect the metro to all the locations, and might deliver the results before the said time.
  • International Airport, this factor is becoming the most important reason for the major companies to move in to greater Noida as currently only Gurgaon Delhi border serves the needs.
  • Perks in Greater Noida like Formula 1 track, Night Safari and being the educational hub all these makes the area a most searched area in Google.

Major and Successful Projects In Greater Noida

There are various new commercial projects launched by the authority and some of those projects are

  • Imperia Bandhan
  • Galaxy Diamond Plaza
  • Home and Soul Boulevard Walk
  • the Alphasphere
  • AVI Street located at Greater Noida West
  • Omaxe Connaught Place
  • Galaxy City Hollywood Street and Universal Hub
  • Paramount Golfmart
  • Gaur City Centre
  • IDI Mart
  • Vardhmans I Valley
  • Omaxe India Trade Center

and lots more. In addition to this, there are 20,000+ projects initiated over there. The city which is completely barren initially is now getting developed and now, it is being known for offering budgeted and profitable properties amongst others. In fact, it was proclaimed that development executed at this location is greater than any other locations comprising of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. And this is the only reason leading to the higher pickups of commercial property in Greater Noida. One canalso choose commercial properties from the west side of the Gr. Noida. Cost of these commercial properties varies from 25.3 lac to 59 lac. There are several newly launched commercial projects started over the regions that are nearest to the Pari chowk are: -

  • Spacetech Edana near Pari Chowk.
  • BKR Green City near Pari Chowk.
  • Jaypee Greens Estate Homes
  • Ansal API Aastha Pride
  • Jaypee Green town Homes.
  • Millennium Spire Tech Service

One can easily rely on its commercial plots as it has gained higher approvals with respect to the Power, Sewage, and Water. Hence, if you are really looking for profitable commercial projects, then have a close look over the low budgeted and available commercial property for sale in Greater Noida.